Hey Sis! It’s Nik Sallie, your Business BFF!

In the spirit of Sisterhood I wanted to share a very personal update.  In February 2018, I found out that my daughter had Celiac, and her gastroenterologist suggested that my husband and I also be tested to see if the Celiac gene was prominent on either side of the family.  This started me on a journey of food sensitivity testing, allergy testing and learning more about gut health.

It turns out I do carry the Celiac gene, and though I don’t have Celiac, I do have a gluten sensitivity.  Through working with a health coach and genomics expert, I’ve also discovered some gene mutations, one in particular caused by the misunderstood Epstein Barr virus, which explains a lot about my chronic fatigue.  With a nice little cocktail of stress brought on by work, parenting and general adulting, your girl has decided it’s a prime to time to take a Self-care Sabbatical.

So while I won’t be going live on Wednesdays during May and June, my team will be releasing high-quality content on my behalf so that you stay supported and inspired while you build your empires.  We’re working through the details now; sometimes it may be just an email newsletter, other times a pre-recorded video or inspirational post to let you know I’m thinking of you, and to keep you motivated.

If I hadn’t shared, the Nik Sallie Core Values are Authenticity, Co-creation, Empowerment, Growth and Prosperity.  

This Self-care Sabbatical will embody all those values, and while I’m a bit scared to NOT be busy (who am I if I’m not working on something?!), I am excited to spend some time alone, in prayer connecting with Spirit, and ultimately slowing down, listening to my body and heart, and resting.

So thanks in advance for your patience as I take the next two months to heal through clean eating, exercise, meditation, journaling and some deep, deep soul searching.  

My online course, Brand Magic, will still launch in the near future, so if you have friends that would benefit from learning about branding, or need other business resources, then share the links to my Brand Magic Waitlist and my general email newsletter.

If you’re so inclined, please do send up prayers and positive vibes, and I’ll be back online in July, just in time for my birthday.  

Until then, take care of you, then take of business.

In Sisterhood, with Love & Light,

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