Calm Meditation LogoLife never has a shortage of surprises – those ad hoc, unexpected occurrences that can leave us flustered, frightened or downright exhausted.  How can we ever tame the cyclone of worrisome thoughts whirling around our minds?  One word: meditation.  It’s not as mysterious or complex as some people make it sound.  Quite simply, I believe meditation is about calming the mind in order to reconnect to your true self- that part of you that is most authentic.  This Authentic Self does not fear these life “surprises” because they can never define who you truly are.

Practically speaking, meditation is as easy or complex as you want it to be.  There are different styles, and I gravitate toward those that are simple and efficient.  I think perfectly embodies those principles.  Straight-forward and minimal, yet beautiful, features lull you into a peaceful state.  Customize your meditation by selecting different natural landscapes, soothing soundtracks and if you like a little more structure, select a guided meditation that lasts from 2 to 20 minutes.  That’s it.  Why not take a couple of minutes a day to relax and reconnect to the true you?  I think this is where life pleasantly surprises us.  A healthy business starts with a healthy you.  Be well.

With Gratitude,

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