Join us online every week for Happy Hour, a time full of celebration, support and accountability via Facebook Live Video.  Inspiration and resources are posted throughout the week to help you stay focused and encouraged.

Topics Include

  • Mindfulness and spiritual practices
  • Self care as an essential part of entrepreneurship
  • Law of Attraction and manifestation techniques
  • Financial best practices
  • Work life balance
  • Making your side hustle your main career
  • Transitioning from Corporate
  • Productivity hacks and time saving apps
  • Business planning
  • Branding and trademark protection
  • Marketing, including social media
  • Content creation and scheduling
  • Team building and hiring practices
  • Avoiding lawsuits
  • Goal setting
  • And pretty much anything else important to helping you live your best life…

House Rules

  • Don’t be an assh*%#.
  • Ask questions the group can benefit from (super specific questions likely need to be answered in a paid private consultation).  
  • And, oh yeah, don’t be an assh*%# or you will be blocked. 

 We’re all working hard and don’t need any extra drama- petty is never pretty.  We’re here to support each other through empathy, respect and high vibe encouragement.  If you’re cool with the House Rules, welcome, come on in, and don’t forget to also subscribe to my email list for special offers!

Smile Sis, Smile Sis!!!