Looking for a quick convenient consult with in depth insights and recommendations for your business?  Then a Deep Dive Session would be a great start.  I’ve designed this 2.5 hour session to cover either of two main critical aspects of entrepreneurship: The Business Plan and Brand Strategy (with a sprinkle of mindfulness and self care of course).  Bonus: receive a complimentary 30 minute strategy call. 

Option 1: The Business Plan Reboot

This is no ordinary business plan framework.  Despite what business schools spout, you don’t need to struggle through the grudge work of writing a 30-page business plan.  One page, just ONE page is all it takes to give you the necessary road map and success strategy to uplevel your business.  Bring what you have planned so far and we’ll brainstorm together and breathe new life into your business plan.

Topics Include

  • Identifying key partners and resources
  • Refining your value proposition
  • Customer relationships and segments
  • Branding and trademark protection
  • Refining your ideal customer
  • Revenue streams and cost structure
  • Streamlining processes so you run your business, instead of your business running you
  • And more…

Option 2: The Brand Strategy 

Your brand is a reflection of you and your first impression to potential customers.  Make sure it’s memorable- in the best way possible.  Whether your brand is new or more established, brand management is an ongoing responsibility of every business, and should NOT be ignored.  It’s an art and a science, and I’ll help you skillfully merge the two so you can effectively convert fans into paying clients and customers.

Topics Include

  • Intellectual property overview
  • Brand asset review to ensure consistency and build customer trust
  • Trademark strength evaluation
  • Trademark protection strategy
  • Website audit
  • Social media audit
  • Recommendations for additional trademarks
    And more…

Ready to uplevel?  Let’s connect.

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