amy rymer headshot“Nik was so easy to work with! She reviewed the client agreement that I created and suggested changes that helped me feel confident that I was being clear and including all the important points. Now, clients know exactly what to expect as they move into our coaching relationship. And I feel at ease knowing that I have something formal to refer to if challenges come up.”
Amy Rymer – Conflict Resolution Coach

“Nik has been an excellent Lawyer! She is very helpful and knowledgeable when answering my questions regarding Intellectual Property laws. She is business savvy and has a passion for helping others as well. Nik’s communication and organizational skills have always exceeded my expectations. I am very thankful for all that she does for the IamToniMo brand.”
Toni’Mo – Songwriter & Performing Artist

HOLLY DIEDERICH headshot“Nik was a breath of fresh air that came through at a perfect time. I met her in a Facebook group and I had no idea how amazing she was until I connected with her. She helped me with a free guide that I was putting out called “$10k Formula: 5 Steps to 5 Figures in 5 Weeks” and she gave me brilliant ideas and feedback that combined her legal and marketing experience. Not only is she savvy in the entrepreneurial space, but she was lovely and insightful to talk to and extremely understanding of my needs. Thank you Nik for all your help!”
Holly Diederich – Business Coach


“Nik’s knowledge of copyright and IP law goes deep. She has given two detailed presentations on the subject to groups of 30+ authors at Indie Publishing Austin. She’s professional, charming, and always takes the time to chat afterwards and answer questions.  The authors appreciate the insights provided and leave the meeting feeling more confident and better-informed about the legal-side of their business.”
Matt Herron – Indie Publishing Austin

screen-shot-2016-10-26-at-12-54-53-pm“Nicole stepped in as legal advisor for my first startup Uberpong. This was a crucial role as we had nothing in place. She helped to prepare a template suite for us, advised on any trademark infringements and even sat in on calls during a merger discussion. I highly recommend Nicole whether you are a startup or a large corporation. She responds quickly to concerns and is an effective communicator.”

David Lowe – Founder of Uberpong and Qwerky Coliving