Nik Sallie Franklin is an award-winning Intellectual Property attorney in Austin, TX, providing legal services and business coaching to creative women entrepreneurs through her website, – “The Home of Holistic Hustle.” 

Her expertise includes a unique blend of branding, trademark law and digital marketing. 

As a trademark attorney and branding expert, she works with women entrepreneurs to create legally protected, soul-injected brands that manifest their purpose into profits.

Upon receiving her license to practice law, Nik joined Facebook in Austin, Texas as a founding member of the Intellectual Property Operations Team for the office, focusing on drafting policies and procedures, quality control and training.

In 2016, she was the inaugural recipient of the Texas Civil Rights Project Rising Leader Award and was selected for two consecutive years to lead SXSW Mentor Sessions to address entrepreneurs’ legal questions. 

Nik served as a Council Member within the State Bar of Texas Intellectual Property Section from 2016 to 2019, and is also a member of the Society of Women Entrepreneurs. 

Nik currently serves as a Strategic Marketing Partner in Facebook’s Global Business Group, consulting Fortune 500 Health Companies across insurance, hospitals, medical spas and meditation clinics on Facebook Ad strategy to help them connect with their target customers and drive real business results.

Nik is a well sought after speaker, and has presented regularly for Facebook’s Boost Your Business and Community Boost Marketing events across the country, as well as been featured by Facebook for multicultural initiatives.

Nik has also presented at conferences across the U.S., including President Obama’s Mandela Washington Fellowship Program in D.C., and regularly speaks about Personal and Business Branding, as well as Self-Care for Entrepreneurs and Corporate Navigators.

Nik has also been a featured on several independent podcasts and online shows focused on entrepreneurship and self care.



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