Hey Sis, it’s Nik, your business BFF!

Here are a few important numbers  8, 15, 40- the number of years I’ve been married, the number of years my husband and I have been together in total, and the special milestone birthday we are celebrating for him this weekend as we fly to a resort in Florida.  

Time does go by quickly, so cherish every moment you have with your loved ones.  But also remember you can’t get to any other number before getting past the most important number of all, number ONE. THAT’S YOU. 

We women seem to be tasked with caring for everyone else, while leaving our own self care to chance, or worse, intentionally de-prioritizing it into nonexistence.

And this sacrifice is not only normalized, but also encouraged and rewarded in our society as selflessly noble and a prerequisite to womanhood.

For the past few months, I have been intentional about prioritizing self care.

I created a meditation altar in my home office, scheduled massages and Reiki sessions, researched women’s holistic retreats in places like Costa Rica, and asked my husband to take our daughter to daycare in the mornings so I can get some extra sleep during the week and more. 

If you’ve been craving more time to re-energize, reconnect with Spirit, or just rest, and you haven’t done it yet, what’s stopping you?  Self care comes in many different forms, from relaxing bubble baths to rom com movie nights with your best friends over wine, to hiking in nature or getting a pedicure. It doesn’t have to be a full blown vacation- it just needs to be intentional and scheduled. 

So, sis, are you stopping yourself from taking a much needed, and DESERVED break? 

If so, I invite you to reconnect to the most important relationship in your life, the relationship between You and You.  Make Time for this. Your family, business and life will still be here when you return.

The pilot just announced we’re starting our descent- here’s to you reconnecting to your soul, remembering your purpose and creating space and time for non-negotiable, unapologetic self care.


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