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If you’ve considered filing a trademark application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office to protect your brand name, here’s a heads up that some fees are increasing on Jan. 14th.  So if you’re not filing before that date, adjust your budget to cover these additional costs.  Here’s a quick summary of the changes:

The main 2 ways to file a trademark application are on paper or online.  The paper method is slower and more expensive than the online method (with its inherent efficiency); therefore online filings are usually more popular.  Both methods have increased fees, but the fee for paper filings is increasing from $375 to $600 per class ($225 difference) while online filings are increasing from $325 to $400 (only a $75 difference).  Think of a trademark class as your goods/services that are being offered to the public under your trademark.  What this means for you:

Let’s take my fashion blog, Thread Conscious, as a general example.  If I wanted to protect that trademark in all 50 states and decided to place it on t-shirts and mugs to sell, in addition to the online entertainment blog I already have, here’s what the costs would look like for my application filing before and after Jan. 14, 2017:

Application Filing Fees Example

Before Jan. 14:

  • Entertainment class = $325
  • T-shirts/clothing class = $325
  • Mugs class = $325

Filing total: $975

After Jan. 14

  • Entertainment class = $400
  • T-shirts/clothing class = $400
  • Mugs class = $400

Filing total: $1200

If you’re only applying for one class, this change may not impact your budget very much.  But for those of you filing applications for multiple trademarks and/or multiple classes, these fees can add up quickly.  For a full list of all fee changes, please see the chart here.

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